Sometimes the disembodied voice of Mandy Patinkin appears in my head to tell me that a word “does not mean what [I] think it means.”  (Obviously, I’m talking about Princess Bride Mandy Patinkin, not Criminal Minds Mandy Patinkin, because that would be weird and creepy.)  When this happens I pull out my trusty dictionary and look things up:

“Highway Speed” (adj.) – a deceptively misdescriptive term that falsely suggests a momentum that would typically only be encountered on an interstate highway.

“Bloodsport” (noun) – a sport or game where the opponents are legally allowed to draw blood, severely injure, or kill one another as the objective of the sport, especially involving riding a scooter on Henry Avenue on Saturday night.

As Inigo Montoya would say, anyone trying to ride down Henry Avenue at night should “Prepare to die.”

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