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American Ninja Scooter

review-ninja-250On Friday, May 27th, my loyal scooter performed what is perhaps its greatest service to date: It got me to the live taping of American Ninja Warrior at the scenic “Richmond Power Plant,” way up (way, way up) on North Delaware Avenue.  Are there things in life more important than American Ninja Warrior?  Sure there are.  Football and beer come to mind.  But as it is off-season, ANW stepped up to assume the mantle of Most Important Thing In My Life Right Now.  Continue reading

The Night of the Road Cone

Sometimes Life throws the Unexpected at you.  By “Life,” I’m referring to juvenile delinquents on bicycles in North Philadelphia.  And by the “Unexpected,” I mean 28-inch, 10-pound road cones.

Periodically, Life aims for your head…

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