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A Table For One

Last night, I headed over to Rittenhouse Square to people watch.  Actually, I had a $15 coupon for a restaurant, and the coupon was about to expire.  (Yes, I’m one of those people who believes I am “saving money” if I get $15 off a $30 entrée that I never would have gone out for in the first place, absent the coupon.  I did not major in economics.)  I walked up to the hostesses and I asked to be seated outside, at a table for one…

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Game of Scones

gameofsconesOn Saturday, I rode my scooter up to the Art Museum so that I could run the loop along the Schuylkill River.  What should have been a relaxing and mood-enhancing run was cut short by insurmountable pain, so I gimped on back to my ride parked at Lloyd Hall and evaluated what do to next.  As I could not modulate my serotonin levels through the application of endorphins, I would have to settle for the next best thing: Serotonin modulation via carbohydrate intake.  Thus began my crippled journey in search of bread.  (Sounds simple, doesn’t it?)  Continue reading

Meanwhile, in New Jersey

washingtons_crossing_fischerLike George Washington, I don’t cross the Delaware that often, but when I do, it’s kind of a big deal.  And so today’s post is about my recent 150-mile trek through the Garden State (which is also a good movie, if you haven’t seen it, even though it’s starring Natalie Portman, rather than me — but she and I just missed overlapping at our college alma mater . . . and we had the same major . . . so whenever you see Natalie Portman, you really ought to think of me…).  But anyway, what can be more fun than putting 150 miles on your ride in an afternoon, while puttering around in New Jersey… Continue reading

Number One With a Bulleit

Bulleit whiskeyYou may be wondering whether this post’s title refers to the 1987 American police detective film (that not even I have seen, even though I’ve seen every 80s movie ever), or is perhaps a hat-tip to the lyric from AC/DC’s Back in Black, or whether I just can’t spell.  But fans of rye and bourbon (and folks who notice the picture of the bottle of Bulleit bourbon on the left over there) will realize that I’m going to blog about my “Beef and Bourbon” class at the Philadelphia Wine School.  And I rode there, just to gin up an excuse to write about it. Continue reading

That’s Some Pig


Many of you may recognize the “Some Pig” reference from the touching children’s classic: Charlotte’s Web.  A beautiful tale of friendship between a word-smithing arachnid and her porcine acquaintance.  I, of course, am not referring to the heart-warming children’s classic, but instead to the Glenside Pig Roast, where I rode my scooter on Saturday — not to befriend a pig, but to enjoy one barbequed and consumed with beer… Continue reading

Strawberry Fields Forever

strawberryfieldsThis morning I didn’t have any honey left to put on my cereal.  There were two ways to address this issue: 1) walk over to the supermarket a few blocks from my home and purchase honey — likely in a plastic bottle in the shape of a bear wearing a cone-spout on its head or 2) get on the scooter and ride to some ridiculously far-away place, in search of honey and adventure.  I chose #1 — oh, wait, no I didn’t.  I’m not boring… Continue reading

In Vino Veritas

wine-101_fw_1Intellectual curiosity is important.  Alcohol is important.  Ergo, intellectual curiosity about alcohol is doubly important.  So, I signed up for a series of classes on wine, beer, and bourbon at The Philadelphia Wine School.  Yesterday, I rode the 170i over to Rittenhouse Square for the first class: Wine 101.  (Yes, I rode to a class that involved two hours of drinking wine on an empty stomach.  Then I had to figure out how to get home…) Continue reading

Liz Ray v. Pizza Box (or, Why Simple Things Are Never Easy)

pizza_boxIf Jason Statham were cast in a movie to play me, he’d be transporting stuff on a pink 170i Buddy, which – as we all know – is far superior to a BMW 750i E38 or an Audi A8L W12. Someone once said that if all you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail.  (I actually own several different styles of hammer – including a ball-peen (not kidding – it was a gift – I’m the girl you give a hammer to) – so I’m particularly adept at applying amplified impact force via stored kinetic energy to whatever situation I encounter.  (I once tore down an entire wall with just a straight-claw hammer, but that’s a tale for another day…)) A corollary to the Hammer Rule is this: When all you have is a scooter, everything you need to transport has to fit on the scooter… No matter what it is… shit’s gotta fit.  Today, I reflect on “weird shit I’ve carried,” why pizza boxes are a pain in the ass, and why, a priori, I am cooler than Jason Statham. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Donuts

Two DonutsIt was the best of times, it was the time I got a donut.  But not just one donut, two donuts.  Because “A Tale of Two Donuts” is a witty Dickensian reference.  “A Tale of One Donut” is one donut shy of a witty Dickensian reference.  Everyone knows that the Breakfast of Champions is Wheaties.  But who wants to be a champion when you can have donuts instead.  And that is why today I got on my scooter in search of them. Continue reading

Say It With Hummus

hummusThere are certain things that I expect to see in a hospital gift shop.  Books, cards, flowers — the tried and true things that tell a patient, “Hey, here’s a little something for you to stare at while you’re needled, medicated, and feel like crap.”  But for the unconventional, you can apparently also say these things with hummus… Continue reading

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