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My Brush With Victory

First Person ArtsIn the spirit of self-congratulatory horn-tooting, I wanted to share that one of my scooter-related tales came within a hair’s breath of winning last night’s First Person Arts Story Slam.  (The theme was “En Route” — which virtually cried out for me to slam on something scooter-related.)  After a failed attempt to get picked to compete at a prior slam, this time my name was the last one to be pulled out of the hat, and I got to take the closing tenth-position slot in the competition.  At the end of the night, however, I had to accept second place.  My slam based on The Night of the Road Cone was not enough to beat the tale from the recently-come-out lesbian Peace Corp volunteer who adopted a homeless Macedonian street cat from the former Yugoslavia and then stayed awake during a 17-hour trans-Atlantic flight to keep the kitty (which was locked in a toilet paper closet by the airline) from crying.  But, in fairness, how can anything beat that?  I mean — impossible.  I guess if I have to lose, it’s OK to lose to her.  Still, for my first time on center stage, I think I second place is a good showing.  (If FPA posts a podcast of me, I will be sure to share it here and on the FB page.)  A special thank you and shout out to my friend Nancy, who first received word about last night’s slam and who came into my office saying, “Come on, with that blog of yours, you must have something that would be perfect for an en-route theme.”  There are eight story slams left for the season — so eight more chances to win the opportunity to compete in the “Grand Slam” in November.  And there is nothing I like more than a good competition (well, with the possible exception of my scooters and a well-made Manhattan).  As always, thanks for your support, blog-following-peeps.


  1. Congratulations! keep on keepin’ on

  2. You’ll always be first place in my eyes………

  3. Way to go! I think the story slam is a natural for you. I look forward to hearing about more trophies . . .

  4. It was a great story, and brilliantly delivered. But NOTHING was going to beat the “I had the chance to sleep in a real bed for the first time in two years *en route* to my new life in Philadelphia, but instead I stood next to a toilet paper closet for hours comforting the street cat I rescued.” Awesome job!

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